B&PLUS Profile

Country: JAPAN

Established: 1980

Website: http://www.b-plus-kk.jp/en/

Development, manufacture and sales of Wireless power supply and charge system.
Development, manufacture and sales of FA system for equipments.




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1. Remote Sensor

Remote Sensor

  • Work confirmation of the moving part
  • Temperature confirmation of mold

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            2. Remote Power Supply        Remote Power Supply

  • Wireless Power supply to moving unit
  • Battery Charging system

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3. Remote Coupler

Remote Power Supply
  • Identifying a workpiece, starting a solenoid valve and monitoring move of cylinders on a pallet.
  • Transmission of the inspection data by RS-232C

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4. RFID Systems



RFID system is a system which read or write data wirelessly by inductive coupling principal suitable for factory automation environment.

  • Good cost performance.
  • Replace from Mitsubishi Electric RFID system.
  • Comply with ISO 15693 standard.
  • Line-up of Data carrier for various intended use

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4. Rescue Tape



 – High durability!
 – High-and-low temperature resistance!
 – No glue, No adhesive!


spec tape










AN31702 AN31701 AN31306 AN31005 AN31003 AN31002