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Inventors of the original Cube encoder, EPC has also been responsible for a large number of "firsts" in the encoder industry, including the first use of
 Opto-ASIC technology and the first use of flex mounting for hollow shaft encoders, to mention just two. These innovations have not only been widely 
imitated, they have often become industry standards. The Cube Series is just the beginning of EPC's full line of high-precision, rugged, reliable 
encoders available in all popular formats. The Round Series includes industry standard sizes 15, 20, 25 and 58. The Thru-Bore Series provides a wide 
variety of through shaft configurations for a broad range of industrial and motor control applications. The Absolute Series provides accurate 
positioning information even in the event of power loss. In addition, EPC has developed many ingenious, unique custom encoders for a diverse 
group of corporate customers. 

Model 225

 Model 776

Model 771

Model 775


Featured Application

The "Sherman Tank" of Encoders Saves the Day The Company A leading manufacturer of systems for the lumber industry that combine high technology with an experienced operator to produce up to 15% more lumber from each log, and to better control product quality.The Problem Due to the demanding environment in which the equipment is installed, this company was having trouble finding the right combination of price, performance, and capability. They had tried several vendors without success and were facing a delivery deadline for their newest system. To cite just one example of the type of problems they were facing, the installation positioning of one of the required encoders caused it to be used as a step to reach certain parts of the saw during routine maintenance. As a result, in addition to the normal environment of a sawmill - heat, dust, humidity, etc. - they needed an encoder that could serve as a ladder!



The following application notes and stories document the many useful ways in which Accu-Coders™ are used in real applications.
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The "Sherman Tank" of Encoders Saves The Day
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