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Country: spain





• 1949 Turin: Piero Giordanino patented step relay (Italy) • 1954 Founded by Piero Giordanino • 1965 Open factory in Almese, Turin (Italy) • 1966 Launch 60 Series industrial relay • 1974 Open factory in Sanfront, Cuneo (Italy) • 1981 Produce own tools and machines • 1991 Open factory in S. Jean de Maurienne (France) • 1993 Launch timer range • 1996 Introduce first fully-automated production line for new generation P.C.B. relay • 2001 Acquire of Eichhoff Reles SL, Valencia (Spain) • 2002 Produce own pcb's for use in relays and timers • 2003 Open logistics centre for Central Europe in Trebur Astheim (Germany) • 2006 Open logistics centre in Almese, Turin (Italy) • 2009 Finder's 55 year anniversary


VISION 2000: Quality and Environmental Management Systems certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards
Finder works constantly to maintain efficiency and implement improvements with respect to the company quality system. Finder works according to the modern management principles. The steps are very significant: constant innovation, information system rationalisation, flexibility and the ability to change. Finder has ISO 9001:2008 Quality System certification. It is certified for the following: Design, production, sales and distribution of pcb relays, plug-in relays, relay interface modules, relay sockets and accessories, timers, monitoring relays and products for residential and commercial applications. The Almese site and the Italian sales subsidiaries were certified. Finder S.p.A. gained environmental certification in 2000 under the international standard set out in UNI EN ISO 14001. The general principles of the management system featured in this standard are in common with the series of ISO 9000 quality standards. However, the environmental standard places particular emphasis on the increasing requirement for the company to protect the environment