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Technologies Monitor Technologies LLC was founded by George Gruber in Port Sanilac, MI in 1958. The company was then known as Sanilac Manufacturing Company and had a product line consisting of two (2) rotary paddle units, the Model M and MX. In 1960, Mr. Gruber moved the company to Minden City, MI and adopted the name Monitor Manufacturing. This name would define the company for the next 38 years. Today, Monitor Technologies LLC offers superior solutions in level monitoring, solids flow detection, particle emission monitoring and bin aeration. Give us a call today and let us put our creative solutions to work for you!


Point Level Monitoring

  • Rotary Paddle Level Indicator
  •  Models KA and KAX
  • Fail-Safe Rotary Paddle Level Indicator
  • SafePoint®
  • RF Capacitance Sensors - MK-2 and MK-2e
  • Proximity Bin Level Switch
  • Vibratory Level Probes - PZP and VibraRod
  • Diaphragm Level Switches
  • Tilt Level Switches - TC-1 and TC-3

Continuous Level Monitoring

  • Cable-Based Smart Bin Level Sensor
  •  Guided Wave Radar Level Sensors / Transmitters

Solids Flow Products

  • Solids Flow Monitor

Particle Emission

  • Broken Bag Detector

Bin Aeration

  • Rectangular Air Pad
  • Evasser
  • Flo-Pad