iVu Vision Sensors

What have the following items in common ?

What makes the iVu unique versus other vision Sensors?


A Whole New Way Of Looking At Things

  • The first touch screen image sensor puts high-performance inspection capabilities at your fingertips
  • Simplicity of a photoelectric sensor
  • Intelligence of a vision sensor
  • Delivers powerful and affordable inspection capabilities to solve a wide variety of complex applications

iVu seriesTG – Image Sensor Features

  • 2.7″ (68.5 mm) colour LCD display (320 x 240) touch screen
  • 9 Different languages built-in
  • Password protection
  • Onboard help function
  • Auto exposure function
  • Remote TEACH input
  • USB port for upload/download to/from USB drive
  • Emulator


  • No PC required to configure, change or monitor
    • Built-in touch screen
    • Self-contained sensor provides easy configuration and convenient monitoring right on the sensor
  • Easier installation and configuration – 4 easy steps
    • Install and connect the sensor
    • Select the sensor type
    • Acquire a good image
    • Set inspection parameters
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Intuitive operation
  • High-performance sensing (it is fast!)
    • Menu driven tools guide you through setup
    • Define region of interest
    • Adjust intensity/contrast
    • Define the minimum and maximum pass count

iVu seriesTG – Image Sensor Features

  • IP67 sealed Housing with screen protection
  • Integral ring light
  • Colours available
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Infrared
    • White
  • Also available without integral ring light for particular applications using external lights
  • Six Lens choices for the optimum “Field of View”
    • 4.3mm
    • 6mm
    • 8mm
    • 12mm
    • 16mm
    • 25mm
  • Product comes with lens already mounted & integrated
  • Is field replaceable and keeps sensor IP67 !

Lens selection chart (WD vs FOV)


  • Filter Kits
  • Mounting brackets
  • M12 cables for:
    • Power and I/O
    • USB
  • USB drive

 iVu have 3 sensor types

1 Match

A Match sensor that compares a part to a reference to determine if there is a match

2. Area

An Area sensor that detects whether a particular feature (features) is present

3 Blemish

A Blemish sensor that detects whether a particular blemish/feature is present

iVu BCR series

Reads up to ten bar codes and a variety of bar codes types at one time

Result can be transmitted to external device via RS-232

iVu Remote Display

iVu Applications

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