Motor Control Center


Four-terminal coil

– Connecting cables can be coupled o the coil, both on the line and load ends of the contactor.

Starter assembly

– The assembly and wiring of electromechanical starters is extremely fast and reliable. Versatile electrical and mechanical connecting systems consent to make compact starters, in no time at all and without committing errors.


Side add-on fourth pole

– For the 45A and 55A AC1 ratings, a side-mount fourth power pole can be snapped on the three-pole contactor. This solution consents to optimise inventory control.


Effortless thermal overload relay link

– During th e connection of the thermal overload relay to the contactor, its auxiliary contact is simultaneously linked to the contactor coil terminal, by rigid connector. The complete overload relay fixing is obtained with one single operation and without other connections.

Mechanical interlock

– Size 1 contactors, 9 to 25A in AC3, can be possibly mechanically and electrically interlocked with size 2 contactors, 26 to 38A AC3. The new BFX50 02 mechanical interlock comprises two built-in NC auxiliary contacts to make the electrical interlock as well.

Terminal adaptability

– Terminals are suitable for every type of cable: flexible, rigid, according to AWG standards and with any type of cable terminal. Power pole, auxiliary and coil screws can be tightened using one single type of screwdriver.

35mm DIN rail mounting and fixing

– Contactor mounting and demounting on a 35 mm DIN rail are tool-less operations and are done by simply applying pressure on the contactor.

Snap-on installation

– Mounting and demounting of the add-on auxiliary contacts and accessories, along with contactor coil replacement, are quick and easy operations and done with no tools.


Front protection cover for breaker – contactor connections

– The front cover, fixed between breaker and contactor, provide protection to the connections.

Mirror contact function

– It is an important safety feature that impedes the auxiliary NC contacts to close whenever power contacts weld because of a failure. Abnormal machinery operation, potentially dangerous for operators, thereby is excluded.

Front protection cover for breaker – contactors

– A transparent sealable front protection cover can be applied to exclude manual activation of contacts.

Highly conductive contacts

– The continuous diffusion of electronic systems and programmable logic controls require auxiliary contacts to be able to transmit signals with very low voltage and current values. The combination of manufacturing technologies and special materials provides for extremely reliable auxiliary contact operation in low energy load conditions.

Front protection cover for thermal overload relays

– A sealable protection cover is available to protect the overload relay, when fixed in place, from all possibly adjuster tampering and involuntary activation of the Reset and Stop buttons.

Connection security – IP20

– The ease of terminal access and space is combined with IP20 finger safety, to prevent accidental touching of live parts.

Sealable cover for thermal overload relays

– A handy closing flap feature precludes any adjuster tampering of the thermal overload relay.

Clear identification of thermal overload relay manual or automatic resetting

– The RF38 thermal overload relay is supplied configured for manual resetting. By breaking the two tab, the Reset button can be rotated to automatic resetting. The broken tabs and the index indicator provides for immediate and distinct identification of the selected configuration.

Rubber pad insert for no DIN rail sliding

– A rubber insert prevents the contactors form sliding on the 35mm DIN rail even when out of tolerance or mounted vertically.

Quick-connect surge suppressor

– The surge suppressor is compact and can be inserted with no tools. It is fitted in the slot on the contactor without protruding or increasing overall dimensions.

45mm wide contactors

– Ratings up to 38A, 18.5kW, in AC3 merely 45mm wide: exceptional benefit for electric panel dimensions.

Rigid connections and adapter plates

– Using the rigid connecting kits and specific adapter plates, direct-on-line and star-delta starters, reversing and changeover contactor assemblies can be easily and quickly assembled, without committing errors, having compact size and streamline structure.

Two single contactor sizes up to 38A 18.5kW, in AC3

– The first frame size includes 4 contactors with on built-in auxiliary contact. The second frame size includes 3 contactors.

Only 110mm deep with 3 auxiliary contacts

– Contactors, up to 25A in AC3, equipped with one auxiliary contact block, are just 110mm deep.

Compact sized reversing and changeover contactor assemblies

– The reversing and changeover contactor assemblies of the ———- system, up to 38A 18.5kW, in AC3, have rigid electrical connections that do not increase the size of the two side-by-side contactors. The presence of the connection elements consent to have, in any case, access ease to all terminals.

Contactor and thermal overload relay, only 127 mm high

– The height of the contactor, up to 25A in AC3, coupled with the thermal overload relay, is merely 127mm. This permits the use of compact sized enclosures, resulting in reduced costs.

Enclosed starters

– Direct-on-line starters are available, up to 38A in AC3, in compact plastic enclosures.

hree-pole contactors

– Up to 630A at 440V in AC3

BG series 6A – 9A – 12A

B series  9A   12A  18A  25A     26A  32A  38A  50A  65A  80A  95A  110A

B series  110 – 630A ( 8 Ratings )

Four-pole contactors

– Up to 1600A in AC1
– BG series 20 A

– BF series  25 A  32A   45A  55A
– BF series  160 – 1600A ( 11 Ratings )

Special contactors

– 2NO+2NC power pole contactors (AC1).
– BG series 20 A

– BF series 25A 32A 45A 55A
– 4NC power pole contactors (AC1).
– BF series 32A

Contactors for power factor correction

– Up to 60kvar at 400V

Control relays

– Ith=10A

Thermal Overload Relays
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

– Up to 100a.

– For BG and BF series 0.1-32A

-For BF series 22-100A

Electromechanical Starters

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