Banner delivers sensing solutions to support overall equipment efficiency (OEE) in manufacturing for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Stringent industry regulations require a high level of quality controls in pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing. Banner provides accurate and reliable sensing solutions designed to ensure quality, minimize defect, increase yield and boost overall efficiency under varying conditions.

Solid Dose Packaging

• With a wide range of sizes and operating modes, the WORLD-BEAM family of photoelectric sensors solves most of your photoelectric sensing applications.

• Fiber amplifiers and fiber optic arrays specially designed for reliable detection of solid dose medications as small as 1.5 mm.

Touch screen image sensors combine the simplicity of a photoelectric and intelligence of a vision sensor to solve a variety of product inspections.

Prescription Vital Detection

Tablet Count Verification

Blister Package Inspection

Product Identification

• iVu Series Image Sensors, with an integrated or remote touch screen,

deliver powerful and affordable inspection capabilities without the

use of a PC.

Ultra-fast color registration sensors provide closed-loop control of

labeling machines.

 phamaceutical  phamaceutical2  phamaceutical3
Label Inspection Registration Mark Detection Box Insert Verification


Closure and Sealing

• Vision sensors are a cost-effective method of achieving
100% quality inspection.
• Ultrasonic sensors, in more than seven housing styles, ensure accurate
measurement reading within 1 mm.
• Luminescent sensors provide reliable detection of clear plastics,
coatings and marks on irregular or reflective surfaces.

Tamper-Evident Band Verification Cap Seal Verification Cap Inspection in Confined Space

Liquid Dose Packaging

• IP68-rated machine vision sensors provide consistent performance in washdown conditions with a full-function vision tool set and complete industrial

communication capabilities.

• Washdown-rated WORLD-BEAM photoelectric sensors provide high-speed tracking of low-contrast glass and plastic, and detection of clear liquids.

Raised Stopper Inspection Clear Vial Detection I.V. Bag Fill Verification


Banner’s full line of vision sensors and lights provide complete

inspection capabilities through every phase of manufacturing,

including label verification, bar code reading, optical character verification

and date/lot code inspections.

Bar Code Reading and Serialization Optical Character Reading andVerification (OCR/OCV) Date/Lot Code Verification

Medical and Surgical

• Pick-to-light sensors and actuators provide reliable visual guidance andindication in any medical packaging and assembly process.

• Vision sensors are a cost-effective method of achieving 100% packagequality inspection.

• A full line of adjustable-field background and foreground suppression sensors offer reliable detection of objects regardless of color, reflectivity, surface irregularities or background conditions.

Surgical Kit Assembly Error-Proofing Package Quality Inspection Feeder Bowl Level Monitoring

Process Monitoring

• SureCross wireless I/O networks communicate in extreme environments

while eliminating costly wiring runs.

• A complete line of ultrasonic sensors excel at the most challenging level

applications in difficult conditions; optional chemical-resistant housings

withstand routine clean-in-place (CIP) procedures.

• EZ-LIGHT industrial indicators provide reliable status indication in any

pharmaceutical environment.

Environmental Monitoring Cleanroom Status Indication Tank Level Monitoring