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Module and Dual Controllers

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  • Suspends safeguarding during non-hazardous times in the machine’s cycle
  • Monitors hard-relay contact or PNP output safety devices
  • Includes one non-safety auxiliary output
  • Available in models for type 2 (Category 2) and Type 4 (Category 4) applications
  • Offers two reset options: Automatic and Monitored Manual
  • Uses diverse redundancy and self-checking, for control reliability
  • Mounts outside a control panel, near the muted safeguard, or inside the control panel
  • Features models for DIN-rail mouting or IP65-rated housing for flat mounting
  • Installs easily
  • Connects to supplemental safeguarding devices or E-stops
  • Can be used as a Dual Controllers for safety devices, such as two Safety Light Screens whether the muting function is used or not


Muting Code Set

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