Universal Input

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Universal Input

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  • Modules monitor one or two solid-state PNP outputs or relay contact outputs from safety or non-safety devices, such as sensors, safety light screens, or one or two electromechanical contacts
  • Category 2, 3 or 4 hookup of input devices is possible
  • Module offers two reset options: Automatic and Monitored Manual
  • Modules are an excellent choice for monitoring safety devices without external device monitoring (EDM) function
  • Module goes into lockout mode if fault is detected
  • Models are available with 3 normally open safety contacts, or 2 normally open safety and 1 normally closed auxiliary contact
  • Output contacts are rated 6 or 7 amps, depending on model
  • Housings are rugged polycarbonate and mount to standard 35 mm DIN rail
  • Modules are rated NEMA 1 and IP20
  • Module can be configured to monitor single or dual channel input devices using DIP switches under removable terminals


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