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The Business Development Team typically face new and exciting challenges every day. We have selected I have selected an example similar to the issue that we face for you to try.

-Vikan (Business Development Director)

Soon after graduation you were appointed to the digital marketing team for DropBox. The business offers a new document sharing solution to both the business and consumer market and is keen to capture a large share of the market before any real competition comes along. (NOTE: If you don’t know what DropBox is… shame on you! Find Out)

As the product has very little current competition in the market, management has decided to not compete on price and is keen to adopt a number of non-price differentiation strategies to market and sell its services.

The Task:

1. Write a team report where you discuss and suggest at least three non-price differentiation strategies which the business can adopt to capture a dominant share of the market.

2. Include in the report your recommendations on how these various strategies can be promoted most effectively, using examples of other non-competitor success stories on the web.