Marketing Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator (1 positions)/ประสานงานฝ่ายการตลาด

Marketing Coordinator work as part of a team to identify, analyze and solve business issues in the following areas:
–    Marketing (On and Off line)
–    Follow up Marketing Campaign : Google Analytic, Phone call, E-mail, Website
–    Marketing Material, Magazine Coordinator
–    Event Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator has the opportunity of experiencing a wide rand of business areas along with some technical aspects. With steep learning curve comes the opportunity of gathering both rich and diverse skills and experiences in a corporate setting.

Skill and character required:

–    Ability to think outside the box
–    Ability to see issues in a multidimensional view
–    Ability to communicate difficult concepts
–    Ability to identify problem and break them down to manageable issues
–    Ability to make things happen
–    Work upder pressure and deadline
–    Hard working
–    Works in a systematic manor
–    Have good interpersonal skills

Knowledge in the following areas are view as a bonus but are not considered as necessary: Marketing Communication, Public Relation, Media & Advertising.

Graduate in the following degrees are welcome:

–    Engineering
–    Sciences
–    Marketing
–    Economics

–    Female age between 25 – 30, Thai Nationality
–    1-3 months of bonus depending on the employee and the company’s performance.
–    Others: uniform, provident fund, fringe benefits, accident, health and social insurance.
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